Agricultural borehole drilling

Borehole water iron/manganese filtration with inverter-controlled surface booster set Twin inverter-controlled booster sets operating within a twin tank borehole filtration system Typical farmTwin inverter-controlled surface booster pumps with ultraviolet sterilisation

Many of our clients are dairy, livestock and poultry farms. We understand that a clean and reliable water supply is essential to your needs and that saving money is paramount for your business. We will fully manage your project from start to finish so that you can enjoy the many benefits of a borehole.

The benefit of a borehole for agriculture

  • It will save you money long-term. In fact, in excess of 90% of your water bill can be saved, since a borehole abstraction below 20,000 litres per day is exempt from licensing and is essentially free.
  • Any business currently spending £750 per quarter or above would get a payback for their investment within two to three years.
  • Many farms suffer from poor water pressure and poor water quality which can result in an inadequate water supply to livestock and properties. A borehole will prevent this.
  • Even in a dry season a borehole will continue to supply at a constant flow and pressure.
  • Borehole water is independent of water supplied by water authorities.
  • Water restrictions such as a hosepipe ban do not apply.
  • Boreholes are not affected by mains-system problems such as leaks.

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