Carbon Filters

Service & Maintenance

We provide an ongoing service and preventative maintenance care plan that can include:

  • Tank cleaning and sterilisation
  • Pipe/pump cleaning of iron/manganese deposition
  • Borehole and pump acid cleaning to remove iron/manganese deposits and improve flowrates
  • Borehole sterilisation to remove biofilm build up
  • Filter servicing
  • Changing of filter medias
  • Replacement filter cartridges
  • Replacement Ultraviolet light parts
  • Borehole draw down tests
  • Chemical dosing calibration
  • Water analysis by a UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Supply of replacement chemicals and salt

We stock a variety of spares, such as filters, UV’s, borehole pumps, service pumps, control equipment etc. so that we can fix most problems.
If you require attendance, please call Craig on 07930823645.